11 Years Strong

This Saturday the House Of Reps Bboy crew out of Las Vegas held a jam for their 11 year Anniversary, featuring an exhibition battle between Roland Blunts (Battle Born) vs. Thesis (Knuckleheads Cali) and hosting Knucklehead Zoo LV vs. Knuckleheads Cali. I’ve been rocking with H.O.R. since back in the days when we were still young students of the dance, practicing everyday after high school at the local park and friends’ homes. A lot of crews have dropped off since the late 90’s when Bboying was pretty big. Only a handful of the original Vegas crews still exist with a number of new young crews coming up. Good to see the Fam still going strong. Here’s pictures from the Fam Yami, sister of Bboy Logan a.k.a. DJ Casanova.