3 Years Shining

This past weekend was the Moonshinerz 3 Year Anniversary held at Dragon on the Hermosa Beach pier. At its core, the Moonshinerz are a group of DJ’s representing the South Bay movement. They have expanded in their 3 years of existence to a multimedia/events planning conglomerate as it is impossible to lay a finger on one industry as their members are in numerous avenues of art and entertainment. I met the crew last summer by way of DJ Bobby? (who was DJ Heartbreaker at the time) and they have all been SICK STAR Family to us since.

Tim Vinzon is the CEO/President/Godfather/Mastermind of the Moonshinerz. His entrepreneurship puts everyone’s hustle to shame. He’s the dude always working behind the scenes to make everything right for his people. He’ll take any good idea or dream and turn it into something tangible. Tim’s latest venture, along with some of his partners is Meister Watches. They’ve been making great headway, getting some of the biggest names rocking their stuff including Raekwon of Wu-Tang Clan, Peanut Butter Wolf, Apl.De.Ap of Black Eyed Peas and Super Crew. We’re working on a collaboration together for the ultimate unnamed world takeover… or something like that.

DJ Ingwell, Tina, Casem & Krista

DJ Teddybomber in the mix… rocking that Meister Superstar in white & black.

Congrats to the Moonshinerz!!!! Thanks for the good times. We look forward to building with you in 2010 and beyond. Peace to DJ Bobby?!!!!