Anthropological Studies…

“Cultural relativism is the principle that one’s beliefs and activities
should be interpreted in terms of one’s own culture.” – Wikipedia

SICK STAR is a lifestyle brand with the hope of provoking freethought. Inspired by an eclectic taste formed through travels around the world, various places we’ve called “home”, our favorite songs and the individuals we’ve met along the way, the meanings of the SICK STAR name and its images lie in the perspective of each viewer. It is one’s own perspective that bears them an individual, forming their own world within the larger world which we are all a part of. While each image and name are not given a single, specific and blatant meaning during its creation, but perhaps an infinite number of possibilities, allows each viewer to participate by creating and inputting his/her own meaning, cultivated from a lifetime of experiences. Like a popular song, one image might have a certain connotation to one viewer yet might invoke completely opposite emotions in another due to his/her own culture and upbringing. The subjectiveness of these thoughts hopefully brings forth an exchange of ideas between people and therefore you must keep an open mind.

Additionally, while an image might signify one emotion or thought at one point in time for a person, it might not hold true later for the same person due to the difference between their past and present circumstances. Thus SICK STAR is an ever evolving lifestyle that grows with you… that is you. This is SICK.

…do what you feel.