Once upon a time not long ago, when DJs were a dime-a-dozen and the skill level was so low…

A year ago, a group of close friends looked at the state of the DJing art-form . Disappointed by the lack of skills, the wrong “DJs” in the limelight, and the integrity of their profession crumbling under the weight of it all, they searched for the source of the problem. Unable to pinpoint the exact reason of the decline of their art, these friends decided to take accountability for it all. Branding themselves the “Scapegoat DJs”, and their mission, the “Just Blame Us” movement, they hoped to change the game by educating the public on the art and how it should be, bridging the gap between the Old School and the newer generation that was never taught properly. Hip-Hop, live and direct – no fluff, no filler.

On May 11th, we helped the Just Blame Us Fam celebrate their 1 Year Anniversary with the final “Sureshot” event at Blu Monkey in Hollywood CA. The talents of D-Styles (Beat Junkies), Dstrukt (Under The Table) & Virusss (Battlestar) played to a packed house, rocking that feel good music all night. Just the people and the music, that’s it… and some alcohol. “Remembering the past….Representing the lost…Revealing to the new.”

“Blame it on our acceptance of today’s radio friendly music.
Blame it on our douchebag mentality for what you think is a sell out.
Blame it on our hard headed approach to old school meets the future of where music is going.
Remember what we play though.
Then talk to us about it and if you still need someone to blame.
Just blame us.”
– Just Blame Us

It’s been a good run at Blu Monkey through the year with a lot of great DJs coming out to rock the spot and represent. Although it was the last time at this location, the movement continues strong as the Scapegoat DJs push forth with their operation, already working on their next conceptual event while holding their self-adopted responsibility. Now you know where to point fingers.

View the full gallery via PhotoHuynh’s Facebook page: Sureshot 1 Year Anniversary