Backseat Boogie

“So click it or ticket, let’s see your seat belt fastened
Trunk rattling, like two midgets in the backseat wrestlin’
Speakerboxxx vibrate the tag
Make it sound like aluminum cans in a bag”
– Big Boi (Outkast) ‘The Way You Move’

Movin’ through places, space and time, music will take you on a journey. Hop in the backseat as we present SICKS Degrees Fam, Robin. She’s got all the good music to last you the whole trip.

View in the Gallery: “Backseat Boogie” – Robin Hamer x SICK STAR

Meet the Bammer, Robin Hamer. Model/Gogo, Robin has been making a name for herself on the Las Vegas scene, originally a transplant from Birmingham, Alabama. Nothing like some good old Southern Hospitality in the City Of Sin. In her short time in the city, she was named one of Las Vegas’ 100 Most Influential People, last year by More recently, she was part of Viva Vegas TV’s Sinderella court at Haze Nightclub. You can visit her at the soon to be opened Light Nightclub, next month inside of the Mandalay Bay… ROLL TIDE!

Photographer: imagenix
Model: Robin Hamer
Art Director: Ellen Kwan
Assistants: Martin Ramos, Casanova