A few weeks ago, The SICKS Degrees Fam was out at Avec in Huntington Beach CA to celebrate the launch of BillyMartin Management. Billy Tran & Martin Ramos have been the biggest supporters of everything that Moonshinerz Productions and SICK STAR have pushed. They have been our go-to guys and our moral compass in our biggest decisions. The quiet protector and the ultimate warrior – the perfect soldiers, the dudes who have done dirt for you that you are forever indebted to, the Fam not in it for their own personal glory but for the greater cause and to see their people succeed. You might not always know they’re there, but you can be sure BillyMartin has had a hand in helping make the best things we’ve done happen. With ingwell and Skissorhands on the decks for the night, it was finally time for the duo to shine along with celebration of Martin’s birthday. Peace and thank you to our brothers.

View the full photo set here via PhotoHuynh‘s Facebook Gallery: Skissorhands X INGwell AVEC