Catch us at Tuesday Blend this week at Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas on the Strip, presented by The Waterhole Kings x Hippoe Esthetics. We’ll be selling merch with some of the SICKS Degrees Fam rolling through. Come have a drink with us and check out some sick performances.

Started in 2010, The Tuesday Blend Project is an ongoing once-a-month entertainment showcase used as a catalyst for young adults and talented artists in the Hip Hop community. The unique event showcase “projects” by dancers, artists and designers displaying skills, showcasing moves and sharing creativity.  These aspects together create a unique environment overflowing with established professionals and up-and-coming artists who sign up months in advance for an opportunity to showcase their new “projects” in front of a huge welcoming crowd of peers and spectators.

 The Waterhole Kings Movement is an event production company by HippoEsthetics which is a street wear and lifestyle brand based out of Las Vegas. With their mascot a Hippopotamus, the concept of creating a collective group of influential individuals to uphold Waterhole Kings ideals was born. The Crocodile and Lion mascots were added later to the equation due to their powerful status among the animal kingdom. The three dominant animals were chosen not to prey upon other species, but to grasp the environment and set the pace and conduct without any pressure of having to conform to typical Las Vegas night-life standards crowning ourselves “kings” of our own “waterhole”. This gives us the ability to have control of each event and party we produce setting our own standards and sparking a powerful “movement” that continues to grow. Every event produced by the Waterhole Kings is based on the “waterhole” theory where we provide a place for all kinds of species to come gather together to “drink, socialize and play.” –