Do What You Feel: Josh Vietti

Here’s violinist Josh Vietti doing a mash-up set at 3 Street Promenade in Santa Monica CA, covering everything from Hip-Hop to Rock to Classical, switching it up flawlessly. He’s rocking our “SICK Beats” shirt in black. Josh has been hard at work in the studio collaborating with some great artists and producers while working on his new album. Expect to hear a lot about this dude and from this dude. Just Google “Pop violinist” and you’ll see him right up there.  I don’t need to tell you that he has crazy talent… just peep the video.

Also, download a SICK STAR exclusive preview of “Violin Hero” by Josh Vietti. Taking it back to the classical: Violin Hero by Josh Vietti

For more info on Josh, check out his website at:

… do what you feel.