Droppin Knowledge, Sharing Stories

If you’re on Twitter and love Hip-Hop you need to follow @SheckyGreen immediately. If you’re not on Twitter you need to get on it quick. @SheckyGreen is the username of Jonathan Shecter, the Founding editor of The Source and currently the Director of Marketing of Blush Boutique Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas. Being part of Hip-Hop in some of it’s best days, Jonathan shares his Shecky True Hip-Hop Stories on Twitter including accounts of him with Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur and Nas. The awesome thing is, is that they are all told firsthand straight from the source in real time if you catch him tweeting in the moment rather than being edited before posted on a blog. You’ll have to read them in reverse order since Twitter puts the latest post at the top, but someone managed to collect his recent stories here: http://sheckystories.tumblr.com

Oh yea… follow @SICK_STAR too.