Dub My Hip-Hop

“Dub My Hip-Hop” – DJ C-L.A.

Non-stopping on that 2.0 level, SICKS Degrees Fam DJ C-L.A. drops another bombastic mix with “Dub My Hip-Hop”. It has quickly made its way around this week, being featured on mixcrate.com‘s front page as the number one “Most Played DJ Mixes”. Download it for some grimy grinding good times. Bonus: the mix also features the “Big Pimpin'” remix by SICKS Degrees Fam the SUBshockers!

“Okaaaay… Soooooo… This is a random mix I did haha First half is some lovely Dubstep tracks and the last half is hip hop. Like RIck Ross, the new Kanye & Jay, Waka Flocka-type hip hop, as some examples. I don’t know, I think I was in the mood to get my “STANK-FACE” on hahahahha LEGGGGGOOOOOO!!!!

If you’re a BASS WHORE like me, then you might dig this mix.

WARNING: This mix might NOT be for EVERYONE. LOL

Thanks for listening and it’s been a looonnnng while since I’ve posted a new mix, but I still APPRECIATE and am GRATEFUL for all your positive comments and support….. #HUMBLED Just realized I signed on to Mixcrate ONE year ago this September! Guess this is my 1-Year Anniversary mix with Mixcrate! Haha

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“Dub My Hip-Hop” – DJ C-L.A.via mixcrate.com