Electron Factory

“Electron Factory” – Chuck Fader

SICKS Degress Fam Chuck Fader drops his latest mix, “Electron Factory” for 2012. Download it now off of his Soundcloud. Listen up for SICKS Degrees Fam Dianna Lushus and Natalia Marie. We’ll be dropping our SICK STAR x Chuck Fader collar tee in the next few weeks. High energy throughout the new year. Rock with us.

“Here’s my latest project. A collection of new school Electro, I made this mix because I don’t usually get to play a long set of this in the club, so I decided make this mix, and plus its always fun mixing electronic music. I made this using Technics 1200, Ableton, Scratch Live, Rane 56, Pioneer EFX. Thanks for listening.” – Chuck Fader