Enjoy The View (part 1)

Although it was already officially Fall, September 25, 2010 was a hot day in California which was more than perfect weather to have our SICK STAR Hollywood Hills Mansion Pool Party. Working in conjunction with Ten Family Promotions, it was literally SICKS/6 Degrees in full effect as friends and friends of friends came out to party with us and celebrate DJ Teddy Bomber’s official mixtape release. It was a pretty monumental event, being our first party. This was the first time our teams from So Cal and Vegas came together to celebrate the many achievements of our people and just chill. Never resting though, we still put in work, putting on a fashion show (another first for us). Sounds were provided by SICKS Degrees Family DJ Teddy Bomber & DJ Ingwell of Moonshinerz/Runnerz and one of our newest members, DJ Ayebert of Rooted Movement. Massive amounts of alcohol + plenty of girls + Hip-Hop + dirty Dubstep all throughout the day. The party don’t stop…

Meet Aaron (right) from the band Lights Over Paris. He’s the owner of the mansion that was gracious enough to let us have free reign on the property. Sucka! Just playing. He’s one really good dude and is a DJ that knows what’s up. Be sure to check out him and his band. They’re up to really big things… The Asian guy on the left is nobody.

Check out the rest of the pictures from Chris Wu’s camera here: 10.09.25 – SICK STAR Hollywood Hills Mansion Party (Chris)

Much love goes out to you, Ten Family Promotions for putting us on, the MoonRunnerz, Aaron of Lights Over Paris, Rooted Movement, eL-n Designs, Imagenix & Chris Wu. Congrats too to Eric on his book release! We’re already gearing up for the next event so make sure you don’t miss out.