Expansion Team

These are not sponsorships or endorsements. This is not a club for “free” stuff. These are not paid talents to rock our clothing. These are people moving towards one common goal, and that is to uplift our peers and their art. If you’re down with us, we’re down for you. This is The SICKS Degrees Family… better know somebody.

In 2011 we’ll be expanding the SICKS Degrees Family to something even bigger while still holding true to our undying support of our current crew. While I tend to stay out of the spotlight most of the time (actually one of the reasons why the SICKS Degrees Family was created in the first place), here’s an interview I did for The Insight a while back that we haven’t yet posted here on the site. The Insight is a cool project covering up-and-coming artists in the Vegas scene. Hopefully it gives more insight (no pun intended) to what we’re trying to do as a clothing line and the Family that we support… if I don’t confuse you too much that is. – eRecto

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Big ups to Christian of Freshology and ChuckNLV, two very ambitious kids out of Vegas that are setting out to do big things. It was definitely an honor.