SICKS Degrees Fam DJ Presto One of 51FIFTY drops one of his recent mixes online. Catch him in the mix in Vegas and at gigs all across the nation. One of the busiest guys in the game, catch him if you can.

“Here’s a mix I released back in October 2010. Featuring songs by : Rihanna, FM, Lil Wayne,Yolanda B Cool, Antione Dodson, Kanye West, Eminem, Drake, and much more. Just a lil something if you happen to be in the mood for Pop Music & Club, (even though you might’ve heard these songs a “Kajillion” times on your local radio station, LOL). Either way here’s my twist on these songs, Hope you all enjoy. ***PS: if you like scratching, theres a little bonus @ the end w/ me just goofin around. Peace” – DJ Presto One

“Extreme Themes 1 (2010)” – DJ Presto One