Fambam Wednesdays Anthropology

Welcome to SICKS Degrees Fam, Presto One‘s (Jimi Handtrix / 51FIFTY / Rock Steady Crew) pad. Somewhere in a residential cul de sac in the southwest of Las Vegas, lies Presto‘s home, a sort of Fantasy Factory for DJs and playground for music aficionados. Within the residence lies 3 specific areas:

1. “Regal Beagle Studio” – Where many of the Handtrix, 51FIFTY, and other projects are recorded and mastered. One whole room filled with equipment, gadgets and gizmos to record some of the best mixtapes to ever hit your eardrums.

2. “Presstart Arcade” – Presto and girlfriend Morgan’s project, a collection of new and vintage games collected all over the world from various sources. They have a knack of finding the good stuff at good prices. The shining stars of Presstart are geniune Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat 2 arcade cabinets from the 90’s. On the opposite end of the room are two large flatscreens, connected to every machine from TurboGrafx-16 to Atari 2600 and anything you can think of from your childhood to today. Check out more pictures and follow their progress at their Instagram: @presstartarcade

3. “Def Star Octagon” – A tablist’s wet dream, known to be the second turntable octagon in the world after DJ Q-Bert‘s. A solid custom construction of metal, wires, and lights, the Def Star is complete with power switches and storage hatches. It’s named after the Death Star, as Presto is a huge Star Wars fan as can be told by the random memorabilia strewn about the house, including full Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, and Boba Fett costumes. (… and Ewok?) It’s where the Handtrix crew sessions and practices on the regular. It’s a marvel for DJs, a sight and plaything unlike any other.

The Def Star is the centerpiece of Handtrix‘s “Fambam Wednesdays” live Ustream online show. Fambam Wednesdays is a showcase of the supercrew DJ & production talent of Handtrix, which runs deep with Vegas residents, Silent John, Charlie Darker, Earwaxxx, Chuck Fader, Spair, and Kiddo, in the mix weekly. Other Handtrix members, Xist, Kace Logik, Syko, Verz, Daeta, Deuce Ace, and Havik, from out of town also make periodic appearances. With a single camera, the show was started as another avenue to promote the crew and their projects. Much like the personality of the crew, the show has a lot of talent with a ton of humor and surprises thrown in. DJ friends of the crew appear with special guest spots every week, throwing down on the Octagon. Appearances are not just limited to DJs but also to other friends as well, who are advertising their own products (such as SICK STAR) and other ventures. Guests are encouraged to play anything they want, to expose a different side of them that their followings might not already know about. SICK STAR sponsored the “Wheel Of Cheese” segment which a randomly selected Handtrix member must spin the wheel and rock a set of the material that the wheel lands upon for next week’s show. Some of the categories are “Jock Jams”, “Salsa Challenge”, “80’s Movies Soundtracks”, and “K-Pop”. It’s a routine test of their skills, all in good fun.

Just like the Olive Garden slogan goes, “When you’re here, you’re family.” Presto‘s whole house opens up with friends and Fam greeted with warm welcomes as they come in, that is extended out to friends that they have brought along with them. Guests are welcome to food and beer downstairs from the pre-show potluck family dinner and to hit up any of the games down in Presstart Arcade. While the show is running, cold beer is on tap, Kiddo‘s homemade “Flare Salsa” is down in the kitchen for you to sample if you’re brave enough; young newcomer, Perris, is in the formal dining room, hitting up the blackbooks, and Presto’s cats, Cosmo & Kushy are roaming freely about the house.

Very experimental and grassroots, Fambam Wednesdays grows with each show, through trial and error. They’re open to any and all suggestions to make each next episode better. They have the homegirl Euthanasia or “Euthy” for short, running behind-the-scenes on the video system to make sure that everything is running smoothly for viewers at home (she’s also a dope lyricist). She’s switching views from multiple cameras and putting on commercial breaks. The Handtrix crew planned on only running their current second season through 12 episodes. With consistent shows and a handful of followers every week, Ustream caught wind of the show and decided to make it a featured show on their page. The number of viewers has risen significantly with Handtrix deciding to extend the length of their season through the end of April. Lucky for you.

Join the Fambam this week. Remember that they’re always checking up on the chatroom so chime in for a shoutout and let them know you’re watching. You can also watch the archives of past shows on the Handtrix crew site.

Fambam Wednesdays with the Jimi Handtrix Crew
8P-10P PST
live stream on jimihandtrixcrew.com