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Every society has their own vernacular that their people use to communicate with one another in their daily exchanges. The culture/lifestyle of SICK STAR, or The SICKS Degrees Family, speak using some words/phrases that are slang that aren’t exactly common that we have adopted and some are completely made up by us. Introducing the #SICKtionary a.k.a. The SICKS Degrees Dictionary (so named by @ms_karyleigh). Feel free to use any of the terms when you feel necessary:

– “baby seals”: annoying party girls. Usually drunk girls at clubs. Hence, “clubbing baby seals”.

– “Bambi”: a girl so chocolate wasted that she can barely stand, let alone walk correctly.

– “chocolateshitfacedwasted”: when you’ve reached that “dronk” level when drinking. drink-drank-drunk-dronk.

– “crutch”: a homeboy/girl more sober than you helping you get to the car. Bambi might need more than 1.

– “Damn that’s a lot of corn!”: Hella. A grip of something. @SUDANAxMAMA @msnataliamarie

– “Dang Tina Tang!”: Like woah. @dangtinatang

– “deja vu DJ”: that dude that just played the same song twice in the night. Lame.

– “disco nap”: nap before going out/clubbing at night. Sleeping before you get chocolateshitfacedwasted.

– “Ee-er-ee-er”: Doing it & doing it well. Attributed to the sound of your bed when it squeaks. Happy sound. @damnitsmartin

– “fuckery”: mischievous bullshit nonsense shenanigans & misbehaviors. Usually occurs when chocolateshitfacedwasted.

– “loose”: Lovers Out Of Sync Everytime. Couple dancing together but looks like to 2 completely different songs.

– “no speak Americano”: nice girl stuck in awkward position when dude doesn’t get the point that she’s not interested in him.

– “rollercoaster DJ”: dude changing tempo and/or mood often in his set a.k.a wack.

– “Silent Treatment”: So drunk that you become immobilized and stop speaking. @Silent_John

– “smoke signals”: Gogo dancer signals to one another. How many minutes left, creeper to the left, etc…

– “unicorn”: that which you thought didn’t exist but actually does and is nearly impossible to attain.

– “vulture”: dude on the dancefloor that’s hovering around you, trying to get at you but you aren’t feeling.

If you feel like contributing, hit us up @SICK_STAR.