Gallery: Bound

“Close your eyes and let the word paint a thousand pictures
One good girl is worth a thousand bitches
– Kanye West

Robin Hamer a.k.a. The Bammer is back for our latest shoot. As LL Cool J put it best, “conventional methods of makin’ love kinda bore me,” so we pulled out all the stops in the bedroom, 50 Shades style. Bounded to the music, we’ve got her tied up with speaker wire, blindfolded, and cuffed up. Trust.

View the full photo set in the Gallery: “Bound” 

“We’d been wanting to bring back Robin to shoot for a while. I’d lose touch with her for a short time after we initially planned a shoot earlier this year. Eventually, we’d link up randomly at Disneyland and Vegas trying to schedule another one. It was months until we finally made it happen in October. We decided to shoot at her spot that she was moving out of soon and she’d get some outfits together for the day and I’d bring my camera – simple as that. I asked if she had some Halloween costumes or some pink items to throw into the shoot for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I had no idea of Robin’s journey with breast cancer until she told me while she was doing her makeup, moments before we started shooting. This would be her first shoot since her diagnosis in March (which explained our brief hiatus in contact). With such heavy content, there was much pressure and anxiety for me to perform well and to put out some nice photos.

As with any time seeing the Bammer, any stress left quickly with her Southern charm and good ol’ Alabama accent and we got into the groove quickly. Down for whatever, we captured some of our sexiest shoots for SICK STAR to date. Reflected in these photos is a grown woman that has battled and is winning her fight against cancer, 100% comfortable in her skin with no inhibitions or reservations about her body, given completely in front of the camera. It takes a lot of trust too, being submissive and bound under ties as well as trusting someone to handle photographing such an important event in their life. We thank Robin for allowing us to end her journey with breast cancer on this note with us and allowing us to share her story here.

On to new beginnings, Robin bought and moved into her new house and is doing just fine. Life is good. Trust your struggle. Peace, love, & titties y’all.” – eRecto

“I just know that it’s been one long, hard journey but I am a fighter, a survivor, and in my life, I’m the hero of my own story. I don’t regret anything that’s happened to me because I think being diagnosed saved me more than it hurt me. I was not living life and it made me realize what matters most in this world and the little things that I stressed over or cared about really wasn’t important at all. I’ve come into my own, I know now how strong I am, and I truly love the woman I have become and I feel so beautiful in my own skin. I wouldn’t be the person I am in love with had I not gone through this year and I am exactly where I should be in this world… and there’s nothing or no one that can ever take that away from me.” – Robin

Photographer: eRecto
Model: Robin Hamer