Get Up… Up & Away

We met Sudana by way of DJ Parlay earlier this year. She had been a supporter of SICK STAR while we were following her grind as a dancer/model. Someone that lives the meaning of “do what you feel”, we decided to officially put her on the SICKS Degrees Family in February. Our first meeting was at Big E’s in her hometown of Long Beach. Unsure of how we’d work her in to what we were doing as a clothing company but obviously loving her style, she already had some big ideas and saw what was ahead for us in the future. It’s been a wild and fun ride in the short few months since then as she’s helped us immensely, pushing the brand to the next level and making the connections from her network (or from her own 6 degrees) and becoming a key player in SICK STAR as a consult for different avenues of the company as 1 of the “3 Musketeers”. She has been making her own big moves too, including a stint in Singapore and recently shooting with famed L.A. photographer Estevan Oriol.

Last night was bittersweet as we dropped off Sudana at LAX for the next chapter in her life. She jetsetted to Macao to work for one of the world’s most recognized companies and as our international ambassador. We wish her the best while she’s out there, awaiting her return… See you when you get here.Follow Sudana’s trip on her Twitter: