Give Back

Just wanted to shout out 2 foundations that we have been working with this past month. Thank you to all the dedicated people behind these organizations, continuing the legacies of 2 great artist and men & what they lived for. Definitely some good benefits to donate to.

The DJ AM Memorial Fund maintains the legacy of Adam Goldstein and his commitment to helping others struggling with addiction. Utilizing media partnerships to garner support and increase awareness, contributions will help organizations and projects committed to addressing issues of addiction and recovery.

The Jam Master Jay Foundation for Music is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing funding and resources to support free public school music education programs. Terri Corley-Mizell created the Jam Master Jay Foundation for Music to continue Jay’s legacy of creativity, positivity and community support. The JMJ Foundation is committed to enriching the lives of inner city school students through the contribution of resources to enable, create and/or improve in-school or after school music education programs.

Big thanks also to the DMC camp! (