Just Push Play

This past Sunday was Beat Swapmeet/No Corporate Christmas in good old Downtown Chinatown in L.A. We premiered our promotional item for Project: “Silencio” with Silent John and some newer items that had only been available online. It was a good time with good sounds, good deals, good food and of course, good people. If you missed it this time around… your bad. Luckily, Beat Swapmeet is every season so be sure not to miss it come springtime. Here’s some pictures taken by Silent John throughout the event:

SICK STAR Blackbook makes another appearance

Junebugg of Rapper’s Delight. Check out her blog at: www.abuggslife.wordpress.com

peep her menu. I had a Snoop Dogg and an Ice T with Ol’ Dirty Custard for dessert. Sounds delicious…

The amazing Percee P of Stones Throw

Vex of Supercrew

… see you next season!