Love Letters To Hip-Hop

Peep the latest installment of the SICKS Degrees video series, this one brought to you by Stevo a.k.a. B-Boy Nibbles, featuring Ervin Arana of Ugly People crew and ShyGuy of Soul Sector, filmed live and direct at Homeland Cultural Center in Long Beach CA. Ervin shares his thoughts on community and competition with an invite from ShyGuy to come down and drop in on a class. This is real Hip-Hop.

“The SICKS Degrees Movement is a collaboration of artists within the realm of Hip-Hop through each individual’s relationships, providing legitimacy & validation through the shared networks providing support for their art and one another.

Our purpose is to promote the projects of each artist while initiating collaborations and documenting their growth.”

Homeland Cultural Center
321 E. Anaheim Street
Long Beach, CA 91560-91655

For schedule of classes:
Homeland Facebook Page

Ervin Arana: