Modern Day Alchemy

“I’ll never leave… We on that 6 year plan for community college.” – ingwell

Happy Anniversary to the Moonshinerz. You’ve heard the name many times right here on the blog before. We show the crew a lot of love as the Moonshinerz run deep in the history of SICK STAR. These are not merely DJs that we sponsor or a promotion crew that we work closely with, but they are our first Family. The delineation between The SICKS Degrees Family & the Moonshinerz is very thin, if any. At some point in time, we’ve become one in the same. We’ll even go as far to say that SICK STAR is a product of the Moonshinerz.

You see, The SICKS Degrees Family was birthed when we added DJ Heartbreaker (now known as DJ Parlay) & DJ Ingwell to the SICK STAR roster 2 and a half years ago. Little did we know that it would be the start of a beautiful partnership between SICK STAR & The Moonshinerz. They soon became the main support system for our brand. They are the catalyst of many of our projects, and have been the momentum to see our wildest ideas to fruition. Their members have been our guides through the various industries we’ve delved into. In fact, following the “6 Degrees” theory, most everyone in the SICKS Degrees Family can be traced back to the Moonshinerz through little as 2 connections.

DJ/producer ingwell & The Musko a.k.a. The Companion.

While they’ve helped us develop and expand SICK STAR, we’ve also seen them increase their performance and production values exponentially. This year saw the emergence of some of it’s brightest stars, including ingwell, Teddy Bomber & the SUBshockers. On the first of the this year, ingwell made his radio debut on famed Los Angeles radio station, Power 106, soon moving up to the rank of Power Mixer. Teddy Bomber and Justin Tice have been making moves with their original and remix Dubstep productions, getting played frequently on the radio and gaining interest overseas. SUBshockers have even gotten their music up for sale on to the iTunes store. Still, the whole is better than the sum of its parts. These artists have come up in such a short time because of the support of their collective unit.

Tim Vinzon, Noell Hernandez & Yuto Akaboshi of the Moonshinerz have taken on roles to expand the SICKS Degrees Family, taking the Moonshinerz business model to an international scale. “Passion is the product”, as they say. For them, it was never about the money, it has always been about the people. And this is how the Moonshinerz have lasted as long as they have.

Tim Vinzon a.k.a. DJ VZN: CFO of Meister Watches International, Godfather of the Moonshinerz.

“… We on that 6 year plan for community college.”

Like good moonshine, there’s a perfect time for everything. Graduating a year earlier than expected, the Moonshinerz are now on a 2 year career track to the top. Dubbed “2.0”, they’re coming twice as hard, becoming the next level version of themselves, pushing each other and collaborating to make each others’ dreams happen. We have full faith that they’ll make it and then some. They have the full help and support of SICK STAR. And don’t forget that they’re Moonshinerz, known for their resourcefulness. Good luck to our brothers and sisters.

“A Moonshinerz’ product is passion.
Moonshinerz do what they believe in.
A Moonshiner takes chances against any odds.
A Moonshiner is resourceful.
Moonshinerz make due with what they’ve got, and do it well.
To Moonshine is to create.
We all Moonshine daily.
American Moonshine.”

 – eRecto, Founder/Creative Director of SICK STAR & The SICKS Degrees Family and proud Moonshiner,  2.0.

Photos (via Picasa): Moonshinerz 5 Year Anniversary ft.DJ Ingwell