MSZ Anthropology

Location: Moonbase – South Bay CA
Time: 12.11.18 into the night

Welcome to Moonbase, headquarters of Moonshinerz Productions (MSZ). Tonight the group congregates here for a BBQ to celebrate their 6 Year Anniversary. We were introduced to this lively bunch some 3+ years ago. During that time, they were busy promoting club events, a clothing line, accessory company, a few rock bands and their mainstay, the MSZ DJ lineup.

Often mislabeled a “promotion crew”, MSZ is diverse in the scope of their abilities, attributed to an ever growing number of members and their wide range of talents. They are rather, a close knit network of artists and specialists, working together for the greater good of the group. While other crews are concentrating on being the biggest and baddest, measuring success by facts & figures and dollar amounts, MSZ’s focus has always been the quality of life of its members. There is the belief that your passion should be your profession, something that you should be living out night & day. As the MSZ motto states: “Destiny is our only obligation.” The gift of the group lies in realizing the potential of individuals and pulling the best out of them. The aspirations of its members is the fuel of the projects that MSZ takes on.

Within each project or “company” that MSZ undertakes, members often fill in their own roles, finding their own way to help the cause. Projects can range anywhere from a simple photoshoot to promoting a large scale event, often times with one or more of their own as the center of it all. Sometimes, members may be called upon for their special skill sets, but they are never forced to work, yet there is always a willingness to help. With money never being the main priority, the two most important assets that they invest is their time and effort. Tasks usually have have no straightforward direction until a member takes on that certain responsibility. They are usually given basic guidelines with few rules and limitations, and are encouraged to input as much of their creative genius as possible. We find the Moonshinerz using the projects as platforms to help build their own portfolios and resumes as each artist grows. Always working on multiple companies at once, members are always busy, depending on how much responsibility they want to assume.

While money rarely changes hands between members as everyone contributes to the greater scheme of things, it would be false to assume that the altruistic nature of MSZ is not rewarded. Fulfillment is found in the human experience of helping one another. The sense of belonging within the circle creates the notion that no one is alone in the pursuit of their dreams. Your success is their success and vice versa. Additionally, with no multi-layers of power within the group,  there is an equal respect amongst members, which makes for the feeling of a cohesive family. Here we find a vast web of people “paying it forward”. Favors are returned endlessly within the group, pushing successes to greater heights.

Once a Moonshiner, always a Moonshiner… Rarely does anyone leave the crew as membership is only found in camaraderie. There is no special ceremony inducting you in, membership cards, etc. Everything is seemingly done by feeling out what is good and what is right and what you can contribute. In short, it’s good people trying to make situations for other people, better. Thus, their help is not only found within, but extends externally outside of the group to who and what makes sense to their projects at the moment. With members personable and optimistic, it has worked to the group’s best advantage in reaching out to grow their network, grow their resources, increase their quality of life.

For us, we were fortunate in their willingness to help out our brand. The SICKS Degrees mission ran parallel to what the Moonshinerz have been doing even before the two met. Using the MSZ’s model of business, SICKS Degrees can be seen as an extension of what we have learned from our brethren. We’ve taken on their best practices and have taken a few chances together. We’ve met a ton of people through them that have become good friends and even Family to us, many of them Moonshinerz. They have been there to help shape and form most of what you see from us today as we have grown alongside them.

Greater than the sum of its parts, the Moonshinerz and their mission is sure to stick around for many years to come. For an outsider, it may be unclear as to what particular business that MSZ partake in with their vast amount of projects at a given time. It is however, clear to members of this artist network, band of brothers, family unit, etc… on what they are constantly pushing: The passion is the product… The value is in the people.

*MSZ salute*