Panty Dropping

Our friends DJ Butch of the respected Under The Table Crew and DJ Ryan Live have been creating quite a buzz recently with their latest R&B mixes. Both of their mixtapes have been featured on the front page of as mixes of this week. Whether you’re making love to your woman or trying to grind up on that shorty you’ve had your eye on, these two mixes will definitely set the mood for something sexy. We’ve had them on constant rotation all week… we’ll update you on the lady situation after the weekend. Download, enjoy, and you can thank them later. (Click the pictures to visit the site to preview and download.)“A DJ Butch and Mr. Modina collabo on this eclectic mix of some new and old R&B jams to get you in the “MOOD” more specifically, the panty dropping mood. A must for the bedroom and iPod.” – DJ Butch & Mr. Modina

“The second installment of the Sunset Session series established in 2009. A mix compilation by DJ Ryan Live of today’s great R&B hits. Enjoy.” – DJ Ryan Live