2010 Lookbook

Muse: Sudana. Photography: imagenix.

I was managing Lani Z., my cousin’s friend who was singing. She lived in Vegas while I was in Los Angeles, going back and forth. We needed some simple head shots for Lani to shop her around and I asked my brother, Norman, if he knew any photographers. Norm said he had a friend (Norm’s friend Derrick went to middle school with Brandon) named Genix who took photos and he could take her photos and he hit him up. I got the pictures back a little after and was impressed by his work.

Genix thought we were a bigger company than we were. When my brother scheduled the shoot, he woke up early that day to hit the local camera shop to buy equipment just for us for the day. Since he invested so much in us, he became our first photographer for SICK STAR, and we always invest in him as much as we can whether it be putting out our own work together or throwing whatever photo side jobs to him for more money.

Sudana knew SICK STAR Fam DJ Heartbreaker. Him we met through DJ Casanova, my homie from high school and one of the first people I hit up when I started SICK STAR. I’d seen Sudana once while Heartbreaker was DJing a gig in Hermosa Beac but we formally met over Twitter. She’d retweet and reply to random tweets. She mentioned that we should put her on her tshirts and the discussion started of putting her on SICK STAR as an ambassador. We met up at Big E’s, a pizza place in Long Beach, and I gave her a few tshirts. We had a booth at World Of Dance, which would be our biggest event at the time and asked if she would roll out. She came and in style. Sudana had a friend Vincent that cut up a couple of the tshirts and reclaimed them as a dress for her.

We asked Sudana to be our Muse of our first ever lookbook. Genix’s friends, Dknsrkt from Las Vegas cut up and reclaimed our tshirts reimagined as different women’s pieces that ranged from underwear to a onesie. Genix was in LA with his family for a video game convention and we shot in their hotel while his sister and her boyfriend played video games. The additional photos were shot backstage at Hollywood & Highlands one night when the Fam, Mitchell Deguzman of LA radio station Power 106 was hosting.

This cookbook got some looks and was featured on a handful of small blogs which eventually made it’s way up to The Hundreds Feed which was a big deal for us. From there, we gained some momentum and got added to the Karmaloop Kazbah roster.