2013 Late Winter Lookbook

Featuring SuBlu x D-Miles. Photography: PhotoHuynh.

In 2012, I partnered with some good friends of mine to start SICKS Degrees, LLC as a company. The six/SICKS of us had experience in different fields. There was I, eRecto SICK STAR who specialized in art and production and:
Tim Vinzon – President of MSZ, brother of INGWELL & Teddy Bomber of SUBshockers, JJB’s boyfriend – specialized in start up companies, taxes, legal work. Tim actually quit his job at a watch company he help start to dedicate everything to SICKS Degrees.
AyeBert – owner of Rooted Movement – specialized in retail business
JJB – my sister from another mister – specialized in marketing and logistics
E.Sol – E.Sol was Tim’s friend that worked with him at the watch company – specialized in sales and social media

SICKS Degrees was our umbrella company that brought SICK STAR together with Rooted Movement and Moonshinerz since we all knew the same people and supported each other. We had a couple of injections of money and decided that part of it would be going into remodeling Rooted Movement, the retail shop, and part of it would go into producing a new line of SICK STAR tshirts to sell there and to other shops. We produced three printed 3 different images on custom black, white, and grey custom tshirts that had a custom hidden “stash” pocket on the back left.

Su.Blu was living in Vegas and I hit her up to shoot for our lookbook, along with the Fam D-Miles. I rolled to Vegas with PhotoHuynh and Richard Ma. We shot in DTLV where there is a lot of graffiti murals to get a more urban/street vibe.

Assistant: Richard Ma