Baby Ruth & Handtrix

Featuring Ruth Ramirez x Chuck Fader x Silent John. Photography: imagenix.

We had this crazy Hollywood Hills mansion pool party and were planning our first fashion show for our line. Me and the Fam, Martin Ramos of MSZ, thought it’d be fun to put out an ad on Craigslist to find some female models a month before for the show. We got a few responses and one email from a young model questioning if the event was 21 and over since it was open bar and she was underage. Unfortunately we couldn’t use her for the event but told her we’d keep her in mind for future events.

The next month, we ran another fashion show, but this time in Las Vegas. Ellen was in charge of putting the girls together for the show. Some were our friends (including Sudana) and some girls we never met before. One of them had a nice look and we began chopping it up in the green room seeing if was down to do a test shoot. She said she actually contacted us before and that she was the girl that we couldn’t use for the LA fashion show.

The other person I hit up when I started making tshirts was my high school homie, DJ Chuck Fader. Just like Casanova and Sudana, he was a Connector. Coincidentally enough, Chuck and Ruth both worked at Guess together along with D-Miles, and Casanova’s sister. Chuck and SICK STAR Fam, Silent John, both wanted some new promo shots for fliers. Just like how we used to everything before, we tried to knock it out all in one shot from what we thought would work well together, using what we had. This would be the first time that we’d shoot at Norm’s friend, Unger’s house.

Art Direction: Ellen Kwan