Backseat Boogie

Muse: Robin Hamer. Photography: imagenix.

“So click it or ticket, let’s see your seat belt fastened. Trunk rattling, like two midgets in the backseat wrestling’. Speakerboxxx vibrate the tag. Make it sound like aluminum cans in a bag” – Big Boi (Outkast) ‘The Way You Move’

We met Robin through Casanova when they were both working at Chateau Nightclub in Paris Hotel & Casino in Vegas. We shot 3 different concepts in one day at my house in Vegas, including “French Maid Service,” “Cereal Killer,” and this one, “Backseat Boogie.” We brought back Genix to shoot and Ellen Kwan to Art Direct. I had asked Casanova if we could borrow some records for our French Maid Service look. We originally started shooting the Cereal Killer theme but it wasn’t clicking. Casanova rolled up to our driveway and didn’t pack the vinyl in crates or anything, but just stuffed the whole car with records. When he opened the trunk for us to brig everything in, Ellen saw it as another shoot opportunity and had Robin change real quick into something else and just into the trunk of the car. You just let Robin go and start shooting. She has an editorial style that works really well with what I try to capture for SICK STAR’s feel.

Art Direction: Ellen Kwan
Assistants: MR10, Casanova