Beyond The Terrordome

Muse: SICK STAR Dream Team - Sudana x Tracy Nova. Photography: imagenix.

“I don’t know about later. As for now, I know how to avoid the paranoid. Man, I’ve had it up to here. Gear I wear got ’em going in fear” – Chuck D (Public Enemy) ‘Welcome To The Terrordome’

“Beyond The Terrordome” saw the return of Sudana & Tracy a.k.a. The SICK STAR Dream Team. JJB and I rolled out from LA and stopped by her mom’s house to pick up some military and archery gear.

Sudana had the initial idea for the concept, which was a fun desert shoot, which became the post apocalyptic Mad Max inspired shoot we ended up with. We shot this in the back of B-Rythm’s house at the time, which was in Southwest Las Vegas, and the mountains provided the perfect backdrop. He’d take his ATV and roll around the area and it served to be a great addition in the photos. Jeromeskiii lived with B. Milkman, the German Shephard is a very obedient dog and was thrown into the mix.

We rescheduled this shoot so many times but ended up finding a date that worked for all of us. Tracy was actually ended up being sick but was a trooper through the long shoot in the hot sun. On top of that, she was restricted most of the time with limited movement being stuck in the corset. The girls were also climbing the rocky terrain in high stacked boots which was really dangerous. But they were always down just for us to get the right shot.

Artistic Director: J.J.B.
Assistants: B-Rythm, Jerome Sinaca