Blackbook Autograffs

Muse: Dannielle Michelle. Photography: PhotoHuynh.

Dannielle Michelle was a model out in Miami that the Fam, Swag Dave knew. She was moving out to Vegas in the coming months but was traveling all over the world. We met up for the first time at Yardhouse at LA Live for a drink. Swag Dave had showed her some of our work beforehand and she liked what we did. She was cool and down to shoot. I told her that we’d think of a concept and that we could set up the shoot when she was back in LA.

Blackbook Autographs was our ode to the graffiti writers and their blackbooks where they would sketch out their pieces before bombing trains and walls. They also would let other writers make pieces in their books as well. In SICK STAR’s early days when we used to go around doing events, we had a couple of sketchbooks and some sharpies that people could tag pieces and leave their autographs or write down their contact info or whatever messages they wanted to leave for us. We used to scan each page and post them up on the SICK STAR site.

Inspired by the drip of spray paint and paint markers, the concept was to have Danielle nude, covered up by only paint. I bought 2 boxes of Joanna Angel latex body paint in “Bitch Ass Black” color from the local sex shop. We were real experimental during this stage in SICK STAR, trying to bring another level to our shoots to make whatever vision in my head come to life, even though we had no experience in any of it including playing with fire, body painting and stretching out concepts as far as we could.

We brought PhotoHuynh back to shoot for his second assignment. Swag Dave moved into a spot with Kary, Eyrro, and Shellz Bellz in Garden Grove. They had a lot of space in their living room so we decided to shoot there. We went in the garage where we lathered the paint onto Dannielle’s body. Looking back at it, we should’ve used a thinner layer of paint since it dries hard. We only had one try at it because of time restraint. We ripped and peeled back the paint once it dried to reveal a bit more of Dannielle’s skin.

Art Direction: Kary Leigh
Assistant: MR10, Swag Dave