Body Music

Muse: Tracie. Photography: eRecto.

Tracie is one of my really good friends from way back, even before SICK STAR. She’s supported everything I’ve done. Back when SICK STAR was just an idea, I used to buy blank black sweatshirts from Target and hand paint them with fabric markers. Tracie was one of our first models for those.

Tracie has these two dope cassettes tattooed on either side of her ribcage – her first tattoos that she got both in the same sitting. One has the SICK STAR motto, “do what you feel,” and the other one has “feel what you do” written as labels on the mixtapes. When we were doing our “Stereo SICKS” Art Show, I wanted to put her tapes in the shoot. I went over to her house in LA and we had a dope time shooting for the day. Tracie was the first person to show up at our art show, both in Las Vegas and in LA.