Cereal Killer

Muse: Robin Hamer. Photography: imagenix.

“Ooh, I love eatin’ cereal
Ooh, I love eatin’ cereal
When I’m watchin’ my cartoons
Ooh, I love Crushed Berry
When I’m watchin’ my cartoons
Ooh, I love Rice Krispies
When I’m watchin’ my cartoons
Ooh, I love to eat Golden Grahams
When I’m watchin’ my cartoons
Ooh, I love to eat Apple Jacks
When I’m watchin’ my cartoons
Ooh, I love to eat Cheerios
When I’m watchin’ my cartoons
Ooh, I love to eat Tricks
When I’m watchin’ my cartoons
Ooh, I like Cap’n Crunch
When I’m watchin’ my cartoons”
– Supernatural ‘Breakfast Club’

Growing up in the 80’s, having a Teddy Ruxpin was a big deal for both boys and girls. Teddy was an animatronic plush doll that moved his eyes and mouth to the cassette tapes that you would pop into his back and would play through a speaker also in his back. I like to believe that it was our generation’s first boombox for children. Although Teddy wouldn’t move his facial features to cassette other than his own, you could still put in any cassette and it would play through his back, including music tapes.

Cereal Killer is reminiscent of growing up in the 80’s – from Teddy Ruxpin to the bowl of colored sugary cereal (before everything turned to whole grain) to Saturday Morning Cartoons (which sadly ended in 2015). Not knowing when we were putting it together, but Cereal Killer represents a generation of the past, experiences that kids today won’t understand.

I rearranged some furniture at my parent’s house to make it look like an 80’s living room. Genix/Ellen Kwan team came back to work and MR10 and Norm helped out on the shoot. This would be the first time shooting at home and I was worried on both ends about the uneasiness having a girl stripped half naked in the living room with my parents there. Norm and Kristine tacked up some blankets for some privacy before we started shooting. This was the first of three concept that we shot that day.

We did a few test shots with Robin and rearranged some furniture and items around her. We tried to get the set up right with everything but it wasn’t really working out. It all just didn’t feel right, especially the lighting. Casanova arrived with the records for our “French Maid Service” look. He popped open the trunk and Ellen saw a new photoshoot opportunity. Ellen is queen of working on the fly. She told Robin to change and to hop in the trunk to shoot with the records in the car parked in the driveway. We got some really great stuff from there and headed back inside.

We caught our groove and everything just clicked when Robin changed back into her wife beater and Superman panties. The shots were perfectly vignetted with the light only in the center of the photo which perfectly emulated the light emanating from a television screen. Robin shoots in an editorial vibe which I love for SICK STAR, moving so natural in front of the camera as if we’re capturing her in certain moments. Ellen and I would throw different emotions at her to act out as if she was watching different cartoon shows. The cereal overdose shots were a last minute setup too by Ellen.

Art Direction: Ellen Kwan
Assistant: MR10, Casanova