Dream Team

Muse: SICK STAR Dream Team - Sudana x Tracy Nova. Photography: imagenix.

“Some got hopes and dreams. We got ways and means. The supreme dream team always up with the schemes. From hubcaps to selling raps, name your theme” – Pras

I was signed up for Hard Rock Hotel’s email list for some reason or another and got a coupon for a $25 room special. The idea of shooting Sudana together with Tracy popped almost instantly in my head. I pretty much booked the room right away while I was at work. The room was booked for about a month out so we had time to plan and get ready for a proper shoot.

The idea for the shoot was initially to do a concept around “music & mayhem,” promoting SICK STAR Fam 51FIFTY which was a DJ/drummer/gogo dancer act comprised of DJ Presto One, Dustin Johnson, and Brenda Reese. The theme was a crime scene with broken records and cassette tapes and a dead Sudana and Tracy Nova surrounded by yellow police caution tape. (5150 is the police code for involuntary psychiatric hold.)

I enlisted Ellen Kwan to be Artistic Director since she knew Tracy already and ran the SuperNova shoot. Genix would be taking the photos and I would be acting as Creative Director. I’d have an idea and Ellen would set up the poses with the girls and I would fix all the details with the props we had for Genix to get the perfect shots. Ellen clicked with the girls quick and set up different scenarios and the girls were down for it all. Genix’s clean photography was a perfect look for it all with the sexiness of Tracy and Sudana in the foreground and the business of everything else that fit the scene. We had found our formula with the team and their specialties and our special blend of Hip-Hop and sex. The Dream Team shoot set the tone for SICK STAR for years to come.

When Sudana asked us to put her on one of our shirts, we made it come to fruition with one of the photos from the Dream Team shoot. You see, our thought is that we’ll always make it happen. It might not always happen right away, but we always get it done and with style. “Dream Team” and our “Full Deck” tshirts made their way to the shelves of Zumiez. We sent our first shipment out for a test run to see how the brand would do in their retail shops. We hadn’t heard anything back after delivery of the tshirts and I hit up our rep. He said that the shirts had been in the shops already all around the country for 2 weeks. By the time we finally got to a mall that had the shirts, they were already sold out. Zumiez sent us a second order for the Dream Team shirts but cancelled it before we could deliver. We asked our rep why they had cancelled. For a new brand selling out so fast, we got flagged and when they went to see why, they tagged us as too risqué for the Zumiez brand.

At this point, we could have decided to switch it up and produced tshirts that were more PG to sell to the bigger retailers but that isn’t why we started this business. Our motto is after all, “…do what you feel.”

Art Direction: Ellen Kwan
Assistant: DJ C-L.A.