Ice Cream Paint Job

Muse: Noemii J. Photography: eRecto.

“The weather’s always warm so the women wear short clothes. Our beaches ain’t the cleanest but the {ahh} is the greenest” – Murs

It’s Cali sun and clear skies in Venice Beach, Los Angeles with Noemii J. Roll with her around the boardwalk, picking up a triple scoop at the ice cream parlor and throwing up a piece on the world famous Venice Art Walls while rocking to the sounds from her boombox. I’m from L dot A dot Californ-I-A hot…

I had tried my hand with JJB’s V1 camera for “SICKS In The Morning” and I thought the shots came out ok to post onto the SICK STAR site. (Not near the quality of Genix or PhotoHunyh’s work, but not too bad.) Noemii wanted to shoot and I thought of rolling out to Venice for some fun and a laid back shoot.

This was the first of many shoots with Noemii and I became her personal photographer, especially with the ease of us living in the same house.