Life Is Delicious

Muse: Sudana. Photography: imagenix.

“Love or lust, voluptious strain struck my eye. Black butterfly, said she’d never love another guy. I was a secret lover, now she says the’ll be no other. Hard to keep each other, knowing one day will be discovered. See, I love ya, since my childhood, ma, look how you’ve grown. We used to zone off and making love through the phone. Now, stay with me, daisy lady drive me crazy. Crazy tried to kill my baby, steal my baby, baby”
– Inspektah Deck (Wu-Tang Clan) ‘Strawberries & Cream’

I purchased this Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox that was transformed into a boombox off of eBay that was handmade. The seller named the box, “Life Is Delicious.” I really loved his work and contacted him on eBay and let him know what we did and was seeing if he was down to work with us. Ryan Cunningham of Rattlecase he said to send him some tshirts and he’d send a briefcase Rattlecase to us. He sent us the “Star Buck” briefcase, which appeared in our “Run The Jewels” shoot, and “Tin Man” lunchbox Rattlecases, which appeared in our “SICK STAR Wars” shoot.

MR10 and I came out to Vegas where Sudana was now living and we shot the studio photographs at Kikina’s house. Sue Tan Lim was on set to assist and the excited lite dog is hers, named Koji. Sudana’s top is actually a scarf that we tied and pinned by Sulina who came by for a bit.

Kenny C. Guinn is my middle school alma mater. We did some quick schoolgirl shots with the boombox and Kool-Aid Burst drink.

“Life Is Delicious” boombox from
Assistants: MR10, Sue Tan Lim