Man’s Ruin

Muse: Roxy Serious. Photography: PhotoHuynh. Makeup: Linh Huynh.

“Let ‘em reveal how much it cost for this life controlling my vice. No way, hell no, uh uh, if I’m wrong I don’t want to be right.” – Kendrick Lamar

I met Roxy while working the counter at Fedex. (I used to work jobs to get discounts and other amenities to use for SICK STAR. Fedex was 75% off shipping which was really helpful.) Roxy or her boss, Joe, would come into the shop every other day and ship out a package. At Fedex we say we’re kings of the 2 minute conversations. That’s about as much time as we took to process a shipment and have our busy customers out and along the way. We got to know a lot of people in a roundabout and quick way.

I told Roxy what I was up to outside of work since FedEx was only a part time job. Roxy was sweet and soft spoken, almost shy but I got to get to know her a little through our quick meetings. She also has a badass collection of tattoos, including a Blly Idol piece on her thigh and an Elvira portrait on her arm, from some great artists around the country. She’s been featured in magazines such as Tattoo Energy and as an Inked Girl for “Inked” magazine. I showed her some of our stuff and she always said that she’s down to shoot if we ever had anything for her, she’d be down to shoot. I got her contact info and we kept in touch, even after I got fired from FedEx (for abusing the employee discount).

“Man’s Ruin” is based on the tattoo flash of the same name. Mostly the flash is centered around three things that are supposedly man’s ruin: women, drinking, and gambling. Growing up in the City Of Sin, these three vices are really prevalent. We added some boomboxes, standing speakers, and DJ equipment into the mix.

We brought PhotoHuynh and JJB back and shot in MR10’s garage where we put up a black backdrop. PhotoHuynh’s sister, Linh did make up and JJB did Roxy’s hair. I’m a big pinup artist fan so we used the works of Gil Elvgren and others as our inspiration for poses.

Art Direction: J.J.B.