MSZ X: Antidotes & Anecdotes

Featuring INGWELL x TOMMY TRVP. Photography: eRecto

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When the Moonshinerz (MSZ) were dubbed 10 years ago, founders INGWELL and Lee Van Gundy named themselves after their work ethic from working through the night producing hip-hop beats. The “Moonshinerz” was an ode to the soul groups such as the Chi-Lites, the Stylistics, the Whispers, etc… from the 60s & 70s that they used to sample from records. While it was a practical choice, the name follows their destiny for the years to come.

The story of MSZ parallels the real moonshiners of the Depression-era, bootleggers during Prohibition. While the moonshiners product was illegally made alcohol, MSZ’s talent is in music. Every song release is well calculated and of the highest quality, pure as can be, like some 190 proof white lightning brewed in the backwoods. They might not have high tech equipment but they are resourceful in getting the job done. As moonshiners adapted their business to survive with the danger of laws and local lawmen of their counties, MSZ continually modifies its sound as the landscape of music has changed throughout the years, definitely living up to their namesake.

Just as it was for moonshiners, there aren’t many journals or memoirs to look back at telling the stories of MSZ (other than what has been documented here on the SICK STAR site). Their only narratives are the timeless music productions that are biographies of INGWELL, Teddy Bomber, SUBshockers, and other artists along the way. You will however, find countless stories within the crew, told almost as legends of their peers, filled with the importance of each person’s role (good or bad) in the creation of the art and formation of what the group is today. Vice versa, you can tell what MSZ has been in shaping their members’ own lives and careers. The ideologies and culture surpassed the music long ago, yet the music is the tie that always binds them all.

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