Noise Isolation

Muse: T. Luxe. Photography: PhotoHuynh. Makeup: Noemii J.

“Maybe I need a straightjacket, face facts. I am nuts for real, but I’m okay with that. It’s nothing, I’m still friends with the monster that’s under my bed”
– Eminem ‘The Monster’

In “Noise Isolation” we went back to our darker side. The shoot fit the theme of mental health, which I’m really into. You can even see it in our company name and our motto, “do what you feel” which can be related to finding your own sanity and happiness.

My sister, JJB, started assisting me on photoshoots in L.A. While we had our team of Genix and Ellen Kwan in Vegas, we had our newly partnered team of JJB and PhotoHuynh in L.A. I thought it was going to be pretty simple shoot I but had a hard time finding a location to shoot at. I needed like an abandoned building or an empty garage that looked like an insane asylum. JJB suggested using the dog house at Moonbase, where she was residing. (Moonbase is the MSZ studio, and the home that the Vinzon brothers: INGWELL, Teddy Bomber of SUBshockers, and Tim, grew up in. They had five large German Shepherds at the house and two of them occupied a one car garage that was emptied out. The look of it was perfect at night. The two dogs had beaten up and made hole in the dry wall and the sole dim lightbulb set the mood.

This would be the second shoot that we’d be restraining T. We had a lot of experience from our last shoot so we were just taking all that information to the next level. I purchased a specially medical grade straitjacket made of duck cloth from online.

Noemii was also living at Moonbase and enrolled in makeup school so we had her do makeup for the shoot. I was going to use an old bed from the homie to use but Tim pulled out two old rusted cots from the house that had a way better look and even had the medical blanket to go with it. The two wooden speakers were collecting dust in the garage before we pulled them out.

Art Direction: J.J.B.
Assistant: Richard Ma