Saturday Night Sinners & Sunday Morning Saints

Muse: Noemii J. Photography: eRecto.

“Saturday sinners, Sunday morning at the feet of the Father. They need something to rely on. We get high on all types of drug when all you really need is love to get by. Just to get by. Just to get by, just to get by” – Talib Kweli

I did an image for a tshirt and a matching snapback hat that was titled “Saturday Night Sinners x Sunday Morning Saints.” Themes of good and bad can be found throughout SICK STAR. I always try to have a good balance between extremes like good & bad, madness & sanity since everything has 2 sides.

Noemii was living at Moonbase with INGWELL and I moved into the back house after moving out of the Frat House. I wanted to do a photo shirt to go along with with other shirt I was printing. I knew it didn’t have to be a professional product like Genix and PhotoHuynh was doing for us since I knew that we would lose a lot of quality when printed on the shirt and it was to be printed in black and white. She was down and we shot this real quick in my bedroom. I borrowed JJB’s Nikon V1 camera but couldn’t get the settings right since I’ve never used it before. We wanted a gritty, noir vibe and ended up just using my iPhone 5 to shoot since I was familiar with shooting photos on it. Two days later, the main photo was edited and sent off to the tshirt printer.