Say Everything

Muse: Natalia Marie. Photography: imagenix.

Natalia Marie is Sudana’s real good friend. She’s beautiful and personable and could sell ice to an Eskimo. We’d have lunch and she’d come and hang out when we were out or we’d go all go eat. We would always talk about doing a shoot every time we met. I knew we had to have a good concept for her.

“Say Everything” is our flip of the classic 80’s movie, “Say Anything,” starring John Cusack where he has a memorable scene doing a boombox serenade outside of his girl’s window, standing next to his Camaro. I asked Nibbles, my roommate at the time, if we could shoot with his old school ’78 Camaro and if he would also take video for us since he was the videographer at Power 106. I have this habit of buying stuff and returning them after shoots. Such is the case with the JVC-300 boombox in the shoot which I purchased from Best Buy and the Lasonic i931 in the “Dream Team” photoshoot. The JVC-300 was a monster, and quite heavy but Natalia was a trooper and kept it raised above her head for us to get the right shot.

Again, my brother rolled down with Genix and Unger to LA along with his friend Unger and we shot in the driveway at Natalia’s in-law’s house in Chino Hills. Natalia is always super busy and wasn’t really prepared when we showed up, but she quickly found a trench coat in her wardrobe that worked perfectly. Her husband Alex, brought out a few pair of Nike Air Jordan’s to see if we wanted to shoot with them. With the streetwear and kicks hype at the time, the picture of Natalia on the hood of Nibble’s’ car in the True Blue Jordan 3’s made its rounds on social media.

"My whole argument was, 'Be defiant with the holding of the boombox. The last take — it was a place across the street from a 7-Eleven on Lankershim in the Valley — he held up the boombox, and on his face is the whole story of the character — the love of the girl, and, I think, John's feeling that it was a little too subservient but he was going to do it anyway." - 'Say Anything' director Cameron Crowe on filming the boombox serenade scene with John Cusack