See L.A.

Muse: K.T. Photography: eRecto.

SICK STAR Fam DJ C-L.A., originally from California but now living in Las Vegas, wanted to do a collab tshirt and presented the idea of shooting her friend Kayko from Hawaii who moved to L.A. I thought of playing off of C-L.A.’s name as “See L.A.,” with Kayko as our Muse and using the L.A. landscape as our backdrop.

I met up Kayko for lunch for the first time to plan our shoot. Kayko is one of those people that when you meet for the first time, you feel like it’s seeing an old friend again. She’s a daughter of the world, well traveled and well versed in a number of subjects that you could talk on end on practically anything. She’s connected to the universe, a total free spirit. Nothing but good vibes. Kayko was gung-ho for the shoot idea for the tshirt and we locked down a date and she would get some wardrobe together.

Norm and Genix came down from Vegas for the shoot. We picked up Kayko who happened to live really close to me in South Bay and we rolled out to DTLA. I thought of shooting on one of the LA bridges but we had no clue where to get the perfect view or where to go. We rolled out and winged it and made a stop at the 2nd Street bridge but found we couldn’t get a good shot and the area was really busy. We hopped back in the car and drove down a little further and walked down until we came to a street that was closed off for some construction that had a perfect backdrop of the city, where you could “see L.A.” Because the road was closed, we got to spend as much time in the street as we wanted to. It was the perfect set up that we just happened to stumble upon that we used for the photo on our tshirt.

For the other shots, we tried to get as high up as possible so Genix could take a photo of the skyline. Kayko needed to use the restroom too and we found a shopping center in Japantown and parked on the roof.