SICK STAR Wars Episode 2: Revenge of the SICKS

Muse: Natalia Marie. Photography: imagenix.

“Oh you ain’t hear? Ain’t nuttin’ new but the gear. The crew of the year, kid too much to bear. Find out what I’m about, know the legend. The slight disrespect of his name provoke tension. No threat, bringin’ the force like Boba Fett. The old vet whose presence alone control the set. I’m next level, ya best settle, bless Rebel”
– Inspectah Deck ‘Sparring Minds’

People had been anticipating our next SICK STAR Wars shoot after our first one. Natalia just bought a new house in Las Vegas but hadn’t fully moved in yet so her living room was still empty. She was busy with the move so didn’t have time to really prepare for this shoot. She did have some of her wardrobe moved in though and she just started pulling pieces that matched each character as we went along. Even the boombox throne we made was thought of on the spot last minute. The shots of Boba Fett in the desert scene are in her unlanscaped backyard.

I decided to present the photo set as movie posters, with our own SICK STAR titles. I went to PhotoHuynh’s house where he Photoshopped the Dark Side post real quick with Natalia’s photo and some Star Wars elements from the web.

Costume & Wardrobe: Natalia Marie