SICK STAR Wars Episode 4: Hit ‘Em With The Force

Muse: Natalia Marie x Amber Low. Photography: imagenix.

“Hit ’em wit the Force like Obi…”
– Notorious B.I.G. “Hypnotize”

With the new Star Wars film out by J.J. Abrams, we had to shoot with the new characters. We hadn’t really hit on George Lucas’ films, Episodes 1-3, other than shooting Natalia as Padme Amidala. Those photos were never released until this photo set which we decided to throw in since we were covering the whole series. Natalia made some very nice Slave Leia costumes for all the girls at work at The Bank Nightclub. Her friend Amber came to shoot as well. Natalia forgot while her BB-8 at home, and I went to Walmart and Target across the street from my house to find something we could shoot with. They were all sold out of the toys but I found a BB-8 wall clock that is flat in the back. So all the shots with BB-8 are only in one position. Norm and I had bought a collection of 3 foot Stormtroopers which sat in my house for about a month before we shot which were kind of creepy at night coming down from upstairs. The R2-D2 roller skates were a dope touch which we’ve seen copied a bunch of times after this shoot.

Boomboxes by Lasonic (@lasonicaudio)
Costume & Wardrobe: Natalia Marie

Lasonic L-30
Lasonic L30 & TRC-975