SICK STAR Wars: Hip-Hop Trooper

Featuring: Hip-Hop Trooper x Su Blu. Photograpy: PhotoHuynh.

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“Aiyyo The Platform, watch the Stormtroopers swarm
The Death Star’s more than the devilish dawn
It’s where Evil and The Force manifest their form
It’s no good without bad and no night without morn
It’s relativity, balance, stability
It’s creativity, talents, ability
Rakka shift the modes of the wizard and the warrior
Hip-Hop-up and move to strike like a lawyer”
– Dilated Peoples

Before the Rebels’ Rogue One mission, life was good for Hip-Hop Trooper, spreading the good word and music of his culture with his Def Star Thumper boombox. We tag up the paradise beaches on the planet Scarif with Hip-Hop Trooper and Su Blu Trooper.

Back when we did our first SICK STAR Wars shoot with Natalia Marie for Star Wars Day, we decided to do our own flip of George Lucas’ universe, replacing lightsabers, droids, blasters, and spaceships with our collection of boomboxes accumulated over time. We hadn’t been thinking of continuing it as a series but people started asking and suggesting what characters we should do the following year, after year after year – especially with the new movies that would come out.

Eventually we came across a picture on theCHIVE of a Stormtrooper unlike any other. People suggested that we copy the same costume for our series. He was colored red instead of the traditional white, and had 3 stripes running up and down his arms and legs with the adidas Trefoil logo emblazoned on him, rocking red adidas kicks to match, with a thick dookie chain with a giant gold medallion and boombox in hand. This dude was legit from head to toe. His fit spoke to us from our nerd to street sides. I always thought that it’d be dope to not copy, but to collaborate with this personality which I only had seen in this single photo. I later found out that the photo was taken at DragonCon in Atlanta and without even having a contact of whoever was under the mask, my hopes of collaborating were dashed. We wanted to work with the OG and no one else.

A few years later, I found the profile of “Hip-Hop Trooper” as he was called, on Instagram, and saw that he was coming to a comic expo nearby. I rolled through to hunt him down and propose the collaboration. Stryder a.k.a. Hip-Hop Trooper is a super nice and humble dude, stopping to take photos with everyone. I introduced myself and showed him our past work with Natalia, asking if he’d be down to shoot. Hip-Hop Trooper is usually busy during Con season, flying all over the nation, for various cons and expos, showing up anywhere from Star Wars Celebration in Orlando FL (#RUNSWC!) to ComplexCon in Long Beach CA and everywhere in between – also doing tons of charity work including an annual hike to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and fundraisers to feed the homeless (check out for more info). We’d be in contact for almost a full year before we finally scheduled a shoot.

From the other side of the galaxy/spectrum, we brought our girl Su Blu. Shot by PhotoHuynh at the famed Venice Public Art Walls in Venice Beach CA. Video by 4 Dub Ent. Boomboxes by Lasonic.

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