Muse: Natalia Marie. Photography: imagenix.

“Lethal weapon, step through your section with the Force like Luke Skywalker. Rhyme author, orchestrate mind torture.”
– Inspectah Deck (Wu-Tang Clan) “Hellz Wind Staff”

I hit up Natalia Marie and asked if she was down to shoot something quick for Star Wars Day, May 4th 2012. She’s a Star Wars fan and was down. I also threw in the idea of also shooting “Boombox Brigade” too. JJB and I rolled out to Las Vegas to shoot with Genix.

To prepare for the shoot, I picked out some outfits from Natalia’s Instagram to bring and she’d get some more pieces together for the characters we had: Darth Vader, Obi Wan Kenobi, Storm Trooper. I decided that we’d only be doing the original trilogy, films 4-6 in the continuum. PhotoHuynh is a huge Star Wars nerd and I borrowed the Darth Vader and Stormtrooper helmets from him. He als has some pretty authentic replicas of the lightsabers too on display in his room. I decided not to use any lightsabers since I thought it would detract from the boomboxes that we were using. I had collected a number of stereos from flea markets for our Boombox Brigade project.

We were back at it at Kikina’s house again with the white backdrop for our studio setting. Natalia got changed and we started shooting. For our indoor shoots, Genix usually has his camera connected to his laptop so we can see what he’s capturing. Natalia works pretty quick, especially if she sees the shot, she can adjust her pose and moves on to the next one. Which is great on my end since I just have to make sure all the props and everything else in the photo looks right. Right after we did SICK STAR Wars, Natalia stripped down to shoot Boombox Brigade in the same sitting.

SICK STAR Wars was a hit. Before the next Star Wars Day the following year, people were asking what we were doing next. I always like doing new and different things but SICK STAR Wars would become a consistent theme, dropping photoshoots annually every Star Wars Day. We would always switch it up and make it better year after year.

“Tin-Man’ boombox from Rattlecase.
Art Direction: J.J.B.