Muse: Tracy Nova. Photography: imagenix.

Sudana was a Connector. We’d meet a lot of people through her that would become SICK STAR Fam. Everything from DJs to shop owners to promoters and everything and everyone in between. We’d especially meet a lot of beautiful people through her… and a lot of good looking people.

I’d know about Tracy Nova for a while but finally met her in Vegas with Sudana and we all went out to Encore Beach Club for Fourth Of July weekend. Genix really wanted to shoot with her. We kept in contact and Norm set up a test shoot with Tracy with our mutual friend Ellen, who had some fashion pieces she made that she wanted to shoot Tracy in. Our other friend Sue Tan Lim was friends of the owner of Herbs & Rye, a hip new steakhouse. He agreed to let us shoot in his spot if we took some interior photos after the shoot. This was only one of the few shoots that I wasn’t on set. I asked Norm to bring some records and spray paint for some Hip-Hop inspired photos that we could use for the SICK STAR site.

Art Direction: Ellen Kwan
Assistant: Sue Tan Lim