Muse: Chrissy Lim. Photography: eRecto. Makeup: Krystyl Hernandez.

“Supersonic is a word when people start to listen. Especially big eared people, they pay close attention. You might not believe it, you might not even buy it, but when it comes to our lady, you might even try it”
– J.J.Fad

Introducing SICK STAR’s newest Muse, Chrissy Lim, as everyone’s favorite Japanese headphone wearing anime character. She loves 2 things above everything else – music and sleep.

I saw Malissa at Gold Spike in Las Vegas during Secret Walls asked Malissa if she knew anyone that was down to shoot as we were trying to do more for Star Wars Day. She suggested her friend Chrissy, who was really into Star Wars. Things got real busy and we missed the time to shoot her for SICK STAR Wars. Fast forward to a few months and Genix and I were at Marquee for a crazy Party Rock Night. I saw Malissa and she introduced me to Chrissy who was super cool people. We got to talking and I got her number to set something up.

Krystyl had a free hotel room at SLS till the end of June. I hit up Chrissy if she wanted to shoot a Super Sonico look. We shot this Super Sonico, a Gloomy Bear Super Sonico look, and Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy all in the same day. Krystyl, Norm, and Kristine were all in the room during the shoot which usually isn’t an issue but because of the infinity mirrors in the room, I had to work a lot of the angles to get the right shots.

"Shimapan is an abbreviation of shima-pantsu (striped panties), are one of the new wave moe fashions to sweep the otaku landscape." - Urban Dictionary. Also "shimabra."
"In the West, "dakimakura" is associated with a love pillow. Love pillows are a subset of dakimakura usually portraying life-size pictures of anime characters. Some pillows may portray anime characters or pornographic film actors in suggestive poses." - Wikipedia