A Song For You

Featuring tracks from SICKS Degrees Fam DJ Presto One and Silent John, both of whom are also part of the talented Turntablist/production group, “Jimi Handtrix”. Along with Deuce Ace, Charlie Darker, Daeta, Havik, Earwaxxx, Verz, Kace Logik and our own Chuck Fader, these guys have been making a lot of noise recently, bringing it hard wherever their members are spinning.

Rumble Bee by DJ Presto One

“To all my scratch fanatics and Hip Hop culture supporters out there like myself, Here’s a little song I whipped up called RUMBLE BEE. I guess I just wanted to take my mind off the club sound for a sec and express myself as an artist by re-visiting a part of my roots. You know… Beats, Scratching, Art, etc.. Anyways, I hope you all like it. I scratched every instrument in this piece from the: Bass line, high hats, kicks, snares, samples, and change ups. Something to listen and vacuum your house to, nothing serious.
*To Make this Piece I used: Protools 7.4, Shure M44-7. Vestax, PDX 2000, Vestax PMC 08 Pro, and my brain.” – DJ Presto One
The Merrill Song by Silent John

“i made this in 2003 as a valentine’s gift for someone. it wasn’t meant to be heard by the public but i decided to throw it on a demo cd a year later. next thing you know, magazine publications, artists, promoters started calling me up and wanting more. anyway, hope you enjoy!
production and scratches by silent john.” – Silent John