Rooted Grand Opening

v.root*ed v. intr.

1. to become firmly established, settled, or entrenched.

2. to know the foundation of style, trend and the surrounding culture.

Rooted streetwear boutique is open for business.

If you’ve been around the Los Angeles area for a while, you might remember Rooted Movement located in Pomona CA, founded by SICKS Degrees Fam DJ AyeBert. Originally opened in 2006, with its friendly staff and selective offerings, Rooted quickly became a staple in the L.A. streetwear community as one of the shops to get your latest fits and hard sought urban vinyl.

View the full photo set via Rooted’s Facebook: ROOTED Grand Opening (photos by PhotoHuynh)

After a few years, AyeBert moved Rooted closer to his home in Cerritos, in neighboring city, Artesia. It was recently given new life by the SICKS Degrees partners with a new vision for its grand re-opening this past Memorial Day Weekend. Rather than returning as another streetwear boutique offering the same goods as the next shop, Rooted became a mission of preserving the art and culture of streetwear. They see streetwear in a state of despair with new fly by night brands popping up weekly with no strong substance or foundation, usually only out to turn a profit. Rooted’s purpose thus became to “be the voice that continues the tradition for those who paved the way.” They strive to do this by carefully handpicking the brands sold in their shop, deciding to pick those that have a long history, have made a great impact in the streetwear culture, or have a rich story to tell, and then happily sharing that story with you, the customer. It is a current, shoppable gallery of streetwear.

Rooted‘s mission stands in the advancement of streetwear and Hip-Hop, by educating the new generations on the histories of the cultures. It believes to move forward in the right direction, we have to know where we’ve been. Juxtaposing the old with the new, milk crates used to hold record collections adorn the walls for new merchandise and Hip-Hop memoribilia, a wall of boomboxes is neatly displayed behind a glass case, and mixtapes line the register stand with current items for sale, setting the tone for the shop. It doesn’t come off as a Hip-Hop backerpacker purist spreading the message of how Hip-Hop should be, but is instead, acknowledging the past and is receptive to what the present has to offer, in its effort to push for a better future.
Past being a retail location, the SICKS Degrees envision Rooted as a place that will act as a platform for brands and artists to exhibit their own art by changing up the space into their own visions. This is their way to give back to the people. It is a living canvas entertaining the ideas of popup shops, galleries, parties, and more. The grand opening was executed beautifully with the rebranding of Rooted through the display of the shop’s own merchandise, art collabs with close friends Tnes of Hippoe and Angry Woebots, live tshirt printing, and sounds by Just Blame Us/Scapegoat DJs, firmly planting in those that attended that this is Rooted and this is YOUR spot.

Keeping the momentum going, Rooted already has a lot of projects and events underway to look out for if you missed the grand opening. Peace to the Fam on the opening. Definitely looking forward to what they have in store for the future. Go visit and support your local business.

11976 Artesia Blvd.
Artesia CA 90701
Mon-Fri 12-7 & Sat 12-6

 Keep it Rooted.