Last week some of the Fam rolled out to the Grammy Museum in Downtown Los Angeles to check out the “Hip-Hop: A Cultural Odyssey Exhibit”: ‘Based on the ARIA Multimedia Entertainment large-format book of the same name, Hip-Hop: A Cultural Odyssey is one of the first major museum exhibitions to explore the four-decade history of Hip-Hop in America and the genre’s impact on the world.’ –

It was pretty exciting seeing memorabilia from some of our favorite music artists old and current, all very relevant with their impact on the culture. While it wasn’t fully comprehensive with the amount of history they had to cover, there was still some great stuff to experience. If you’ve been following our brand, you know that SICK STAR is deeply rooted in Hip-Hop. It’s something that we ground ourselves in and really never waver far from in our design, aesthetic and essence because it’s basically what raised us and what raised the brand. Expression through art and the hustle of it all, there’s heavy meaning behind our tagline, “do what you feel” in that it was born in the spirit of the Hip-Hop minded: to take the road less traveled in pursuit of happiness. It’s something which all these people presented at the exhibit decided to do and made a significant contribution in growing their art and the culture.

Anyone who is a fan of Hip-Hop should definitely check out the exhibit and/or pick up the book. We found a lot of inspiration coming through and you can bet that we’ve got a load of fresh new ideas for upcoming tees and products. “Hip-Hop: A Cultural Odyessey” exhibit at the Grammy Museum at LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles goes through May 4. We’ll be grinding, drawing from our new inspirations…

… I don’t care what none of y’all say, I still love H.E.R.